AWST Press Announcement

The day has come! So thrilled to announce that AWST Press  is publishing a hand sewn book of my short stories as part of a collection curated by Owen Egerton.

The collection will include three original works: “Hawt Topic”, “Abusive Muse”, and “Necromancers Don’t Say ‘I love you'”

Owen chose me along with Lindsey Verrill , Erin Pringle-Toungate, and BOB FRICKING SCHNEIDER for his author curated series of books. Can’t wait to become best friends with all these peeps.

When recommending me, Owen wrote this about my writing, which is my favorite paragraph that has ever happened in the history of ever:

Morgan plays in the myths and legends of our culture like a child playing in an old abandoned house. She explores the darkness, laughs at the shadows, gleefully celebrates the creepiness, and gingerly dances on creaking wooden floors never fearing she’ll fall. Morgan reuses the known to create the new, giving fresh life to age old terrors and delights. There’s a page-turning and side-splitting thrill to reading her work as the monsters that once hid under our beds now crawl beneath the sheets to draw close to us.

You can order your copy here.

I’ll update this post with links as they feature my interview and previously published work on the website:

Up first: “Hung Like a Headless Horseman” from the anthology The Monsters Who Loved Me  (Lucky Dark Press 2015). Read it here.

“Looking For Someone To Love”, a zombie western from my undergraduate days, can be read over here.

A collection called “Poems For Boys I Don’t See Anymore” is available for download here. It’s slightly less bloody and monstrous than my fiction?

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 9.16.46 AM.png


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