Reasons I didn’t meet my daily word count

  1. I hate all the characters and also the story and also words in general and who even reads anymore anyway and what ever happened to wanting to be an astronaut, Felix
  2. Not enough coffee.
  3. Too much coffee.
  4. My laptop battery was only at 56% and I left my charger at home.
  5. Something shiny.
  6. I got a new idea and spent hours researching bird taxidermy instead.
  7. It was sunny and I went swimming.
  8. It wasn’t sunny and I watched Nashville reruns.
  9. I read what I wrote yesterday and it was good and I felt accomplished and forgot.
  10. Tinder.
  11.  Probably my hair should be a different color.
  12. Maybe I’ll go for a walk.
  13. Reading inspirational articles about other writers is kind of like writing though.
  14. What if I had a thinking cap and also I knew how to crochet.
  15. Maybe somebody put a voodoo curse on me.
  16. Does texting count.
  17. Owl videos.



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