Literary adaptations by iconic directors currently being overshadowed by Park Chan-Wook’s Handmaiden.

Warner Herzog’s Bridget Jones’s Diary

Steven Spielberg’s The Communist Manifesto

Ron Howard’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin

Richard Linklater’s Ulysses

Wes Anderson’s Les Misérables

Tim Burton’s The Brothers Karamazov

Martin Scorsese’s Infinite Jest (Director’s Cut)

Oliver Stone’s Gone Girl

The Wazowski Sisters’ Farewell to Arms

David Lynch’s Gone With The Wind

Chris Nolan’s Finnegan’s Wake

Nora Ephron’s 1984

Micheal Bay’s Grapes of Wrath

Clint Eastwood’s The Bell Jar

Baz Luhrmann’s Anne Frank

Quentin Tarantino’s To Kill A Mockingbird

Mel Gibson’s The Color Purple

Francis Ford Coppola’s Beloved

Judd Apatow’s Heart of Darkness

Woody Allen’s Lolita

Atlas Shrugged – A Spike Lee Joint

Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit


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