Greif, fear, and rain. Post election thoughts.

This morning I woke up and told my daughters that instead of electing the first woman president, half of the country, enough to matter, voted for hate, incompetence, and intolerance.
This afternoon I take my older daughter to a specialist because she’s recently been diagnosed with scoliosis and I wait to hear from my younger daughter’s doctor if she will need a fourth ear surgery and wonder if we will be able to keep our health insurance.
This evening when I’m walking to meet my friends, in a city I love fiercely, I’ll be smaller in myself, more afraid to be a woman in a country that has elected a sexual predator as a leader.
This grief, this fear, I have to work through, that WE have to work through as we guide ourselves and our families through our day as usual today and many days to come, is hard.
But it’s not hard enough to defeat us. In the middle of this thick grief and disillusionment I still recognize that I am incredibly privileged.
I’m privileged and I’m afraid. I’m privileged and I’m sickened. I’m privileged and I’m hurting. I don’t know where we go from here.
It’s awfully hard to see hope this morning. But I know where to look for it. In friends, family, and community. I know how to be an ally, to rally, to be strong, to ask for and to give help. And so do you.
Let’s hold each other today, and let’s pick ourselves up and make a plan tomorrow.

2 Replies to “Greif, fear, and rain. Post election thoughts.”

  1. I feel the grief and fear also and am looking for ways to assuage it. I, we, will get through the next 4 years. However, how does one respect a sexual predator-racist-misogynistic-lying president? It will be a challenge.


    1. A big challenge. But I trust in the people around me to find hope. And where we can’t find it, to build it. Thanks for reading and commenting. We are all in this together.


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