Creative hangovers and how to hatch an idea.

Every time I finish a fiction project I am cleaned out and happy and exhausted. I go to bed early for a while. I watch a lot of movies. I draw with my kids. I sit with a fear that that was it. That I’ve peaked. That I will have no more interesting ideas. That my word flow has dried up and I should learn to crotchet or something.
I keep the fear in the corner of my mind and try not to look at it. But it’s there. And then another idea starts sparking. And I nurture it with blank pages and good pens and long, magic conversations and just the right tempo of music. And when I sit down, again, to write. I’m relieved all the way through my bones. I didn’t forget. It’s still here. I still can do the best , most beautiful, hardest work and I’m so grateful.
I have a theory on how to idea properly. It has to do with the original exciting seed, and contradictory idea fusion, and magic, and also I made a list. Making beautiful lists is one of my favorite things to do in the world. An important part of the creative work I love. I thought I’d share this one with you, dear reader
In case you can’t read my more-artistic-than-functional handwriting here’s a breakdown:
How to Idea Properly
1. Some thing is interesting  + 2. Something is interesting in a similar way =
5. (Laying on the floor stage.) you feel pregnant. frustrated. half crazy.  do not give up.
TRY -> whiskey -> hanging upside down -> talking to friends about something else-> read something nothing like what you are thinking of.
the idea becomes whole. distilled. you can say it in one sentence. it is now an idea seed. it doesn’t have a body. yet.
leave in a quiet still place and let it grow legs. 

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