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Writer, journalist, online dating consultant. Mom to two warrior-princess-ninja-superheros.

Morgan plays in the myths and legends of our culture like a child playing in an old abandoned house. She explores the darkness, laughs at the shadows, gleefully celebrates the creepiness, and gingerly dances on creaking wooden floors never fearing she’ll fall. Morgan reuses the known to create the new, giving fresh life to age old terrors and delights. There’s a page-turning and side-splitting thrill to reading her work as the monsters that once hid under our beds now crawl beneath the sheets to draw close to us.

Owen Egerton

Felix is a gifted writer who thinks more quickly and creatively than most. She can craft something insightful and meaningful faster than almost anyone we’ve ever hired. So many readers look forward to her work specifically, and she is insanely easy to work with. We are endlessly lucky to have her on our team.

Lani Rosales